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Redesign of home page

Pro Member Site Admin
Flyaway Site Admin

We are currently in the process of redesigning the home page. Does anyone here have any suggestions or ideas about what else could be useful on the home page for visitors? Or just things they would like to see themselves?

This page:

You may also suggest ideas, improvements and content that should be featured anywhere on the site.

Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Fly Away Simulation, Flight Sim #1 Guest

I enjoy window shopping in your website. My computer skills are pretty rough around the edges, so sometimes i really miss the boat. Is it possible to have a peek at the cockpits of your free downloads BEFORE they are downloaded?? I down loaded three of your military fighters, and had to delete them. No way to see around the gunsights. I really did like the tiger moth, but the student pilot blocked my view of the runway on approach. At the present time i have a copy of your mosquito lost some where in this contraption, and am unable to find it.
I have decided therefore to order any future aircraft in the boxed form rather than do another download. At least the boxed programs know where to hang their hat.
Thank you for listening to my many troubles. Most respectfully, R.R.Alexander

Pro Member Trainee
timest Trainee

What an amazing redesign!! Good work folks.


Great redesign. I'm not completely familiar with your sight but do visit it on occasion. One suggestion that I have though, pertains to your individual files. On one of the other sights I use, I always check the view option they have prior to downloading. eg. Checking the panel.cfg to see if VC is available or not. This is one of the major features I use prior to downloading.
Just thought I would mention it as food for thought.

Pro Member Trainee
JEC Trainee

Much improved look to the new design. One or two things may or may not improve it further:

1. The 'Welcome to Fly Away Simulation...', 'Getting Started' and 'Joining the Website..' sections may be better placed at the top of the home page where readers see them first.
2. The news and forum 'bullet' sections could then follow in sequence, or alongside each other.
3. Alongside the screenshots, videos, etc., there is currently a large white space on my computer. This would be better filled with something.
4. Perhaps some colour to the titles, headings, sections, etc., would be more eye-catching, too.

Otherwise, it is a very good layout and good to see.

Best Regards,
John Cox

Pro Member Site Admin
Flyaway Site Admin

JEC wrote:

Alongside the screenshots, videos, etc., there is currently a large white space on my computer. This would be better filled with something

Could you upload a screenshot of this please?

Fly Away Simulation, Flight Sim #1

Pro Member Trainee
zinny Trainee

Hey guys site looks good.
Many of us use sites for purchases and info regarding flight sim, therefore a site has to have a complete package to bring simmers back.
A quick look at your store where is GoFlight and Orbx?

Pro Member Trainee
donby Trainee

Great work it is a wonderful improvement..thanx

Pro Member Trainee
Ironsideqc Trainee


Ty for the planes, some of the are realy great.

This is what, I dont like, you must ad a nother category, when we look for a plane or a Heli, we have to look for planes, you must ad a section just for skins, when looking for a plane, it come 2 long to sort the planes, ok this a plane ok this not, that bugs me a lot, the plane and the Heli, shud be them and them alone, a nather saction cald skins, would tell us, we can ad on a nother calor to the craft, and not to have to sort them out, I now how to look for a plane or Heli, be the size of the fills.

Ho, a page to show are planes in action, with pics, would be fun.

Ty for averiting, from the best piloty in the world.

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