Microsoft Flight - Beta Program Now Accepting Applications

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Done. 😀

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Not interested in (What is so far) a Hawaii only game. 🙄

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Cheeks wrote:

Not interested in (What is so far) a Hawaii only game. 🙄

Hawaii and GA, I've noticed that too. However, being the curious type I'd love to beta test the new, upcoming MS 'miracle' and let them know straight away where the shortcomings are.
But, it seems they don't want serious evaluators. Did you notice that you have to acquire a Windows Live ID i.e. Hotmail, Messenger and SkyDrive?

I don't need nor do I want Hotmail considering its reputation. Messenger? No sooner had Messenger made its debut, the internet was full of articles of "How to shoot the Messenger" because it caused heaps of trouble. Though I don't use them myself, I'm told there are plenty of better, more secure IM services available.

...and SkyDrive 😳 ---why would anyone in their right mind use an online storage service owned by MS, considering their less than flattering reputation regarding security... to put it mildly.

I actually googled for "What is Windows live ID" and here is one Wikipedia article for you to peruse:

I do remember obtaining a Microsoft Passport as mentioned in that article years ago when, after having just bought a new version of MSFS I was made to believe that I needed one. Bullocks. From memory all it did was trying to suck me into Instant Messenger and other dubious 'Services' - completely unrelated to flightsimming.

Finally, I have news for you Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

Skynet was not thought up by the Terminator script writers... it is reality - but its real name is Microsoft - duh...

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