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Hey guys,

Now that I pretty much have an active server running, I am trying out a virtual airlines. As of now we pretty much have the airline set up, however we are looking for some guys who is willing to do some VA flights within the Continental U.S. and Alaska. Not only that we are looking for active pilots, we are also asking for guys who are looking into some Ground and ATC Operations.

Our primary aircraft is the Boeing 737 6/7/8/9 aircraft, CRJ 700 and the Bombardier Q400 for Horizon Air. We also have a few Alaska liveries for the default 737-8/9 aircraft, if you want to fly the Alaskan paints.

Server operations are currently operational, on Gamespy, but will switch to Direct IP address at a later date.

If you are interested you can contact us via:

Alaska Virtual Airlines -
Teamspeak 3 -

Or you can PM me with any questions concerning the airline. You can join and fly with us at Alaska Virtual Airlines in the Multiplayer Session.

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