So what's going on with this? puzzles my mind

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This actually only happened just the other day.
I was taxing off the runway at TTCP and all the sudden my joystick stopped working. So i unplugged it and everything and didn't do a thing. And then I went into controls in fsx and noticed fsx disabled my joystick.
So I enable it and all is well until it does again, which it has.

Anyone else ever had this problem?

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I remember facing this issue with my earlier Logitech joystick. Randomly FSX use to disable-enable the joystick. And it use to get rectified after some mins of flying. It was not a big issue but a very annoying one. Lastly I discovered it was a USB slot problem.
Just a thought whenevr this happens next time, change the USB port and check again. It might be one of the ports on your board has an issue.


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Nick (truckernick) First Officer

Highly possible. Thanks I will give it a shot.

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This post is amazing; very helpful.

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