How to bring back the wheel of the plane in FSX!

pureheart Guest

I am new to FSX and I am playing with a keyboard ! so I want to know how to bring back the wheel of the plane back in line when i move it to any directionS ! like a initial throttle button ! initial wheel position , the controller of the plane ! It gets very difficult without it and i have to keep pressing the arrow keys repeatedly !!!

Please help ! Thanks in advance . 😀

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Honestly, just buy a joystick. Doesn't have to be flashy, just save up a mere $60 and buy one that is simple and just works.

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

Numpad 5 will center all control surfaces.. including the nose gear.


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harrison (harryleslie) Trainee

i have flown with a key board once in fsx,it's very hard, so just get a cheap or expensive joy stick. its so easy to fly with a joystick, but if you don't want to spend money, just keep at it and you will eventually learn 😀

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