This aircraft just wont install!!

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This is one of my fav. I've personally inspected all folders they they are in order. The aircraft installs without any instruments. These are the 3 steps issued by the publisher. Went through 1 and 2 dont know how to go about the 3rd.
Install FSX:

1. Unzip the file to the 'FS Root\SimObjects\Airplane' directory.
2. Move the files contained with 777-effects to 'FS Root\Effects'
3. Move the alternate Aircraft.cfg, Panel & Sounds folders in the included
'\FSX' folder
into the main aircraft folder overwriting the originals.

Somebody please help with point 3 what do I copy-overwrite and to where. For those who are familier with POSKY installation....this is a POSKY Air India 777-200ER with VC


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Try making copies of the instruments and putting them (no folder) into the main gauge folder.
That way you will have them in both the aircraft and the gauge folder.
They should show up.


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abmukh80 wrote:

I've personally inspected all folders they they are in order.

Did you find a Panel folder?

I'm asking because the file in question appears to be an update / fix only -- especially considering point 3.

What the author means regarding point 3 is to copy and paste the Aircraft.cfg, Panel & Sound folders into the Aircraft folder and overwrite the ones that are already there.
Of course you can't do that unless you have the original, complete aircraft.

Knowing the filename and the file library where you got it from would have helped solving your problem by now.

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