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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Hello everyone!

I have not been around much as my last post was in June 2010, I'v been mostly busy with work. Im now the Asist Manager of a pub local to me that serves drinks and food & i love it!

I started to get bored of flightsim and after awhile deleted everything but as this week i booked my flight to spain for April & been watching alot of plane tv episodes i thought to myself i really wanner reinstall FlightSim, so after awhile i did and here i am.

I hope alot of people i remember are still active. Cheeks, Bel, Welshy, flyboy etc etc.. Love you all <3

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

Welcome back morris91!


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Welshflyer Captain

Bloody hell morris , nice to hear from you 😀 ! Don't go forgetting Tailhook Twisted Evil .

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Ahem, "SAMP"... 🙄 😂

Nice to see you got promoted as well, and I'm still here, chat me up on Xfire too. 😉

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Thanks everyone, its a nice welcome back.

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