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Best Graphics Cards for FSX Multi Screens

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My system for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a 64bit i7 quad core processor with 25GB RAM and 4 22inch screens driven by 2 Nvidia GTX 250's. These hold between 15 and 20 frames per second under normal circumstances but when the load increases ie the aircraft starts to move, the aircraft instruments just cut out and go black, although the scenery continues to move. The setup includes window views on 2 side screens and forward screen and instrument views on all. I am contemplating upgrading the cards to either GTX 570, 580 or even 590 if necessary and need some guidance on this from anyone who runs multi screens on FSX.
Thanks, Mark 😕

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I have a AMD 975 3,600mhz QUAD CORE running over clocked at just over 4,000mhz with 16Gb of GDR3 base ram. This goes through a ATI 5870 video card with 1Gb of GDR5 dedicated ram.

I use three (3), not two display screens for FSX and it almost always flies as jerk free as any other setup I have seen. The one exception is when I fly over London England.

I have an add-on data base which contains over 4Gb of add on scenery for London alone! When I fly London I must fly less than 150knt or I get a small jerk. Other than that, no issues at all.

I'm thinking about going with a 8120 faux 8 core processor & see if that helps. If I were building a computer today I would have used a motherboard which will take the AMD A+ CPUs such as the "tractor."

As far as I know the 5870 is the only card which will display on three screens without additional switching hardware.

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