For Sale: Eclipse Yoke, Saitek Panels/Quadrant and TrackIR 4

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Hey Guys,

So a change of pace in my life and I've decided to back off FSX for a while, OK indefinitely. I've gone all in and put together a racing cockpit for GT5 (including Fanatec GT3 wheel, Porsche H shifter and CSR pedals!).

Up for sale (would prefer to sell as a bundle):

CH Eclipse Yoke ($100)
-right desk clamp screw got stuck when removing last, still can be clamped to an ikea table desk without being too loose.

Saitek Throttle Quadrant ($40)
-comes with multiple knobs (t/m/p) and works 100% like new

Saitek Radio Panel ($70)
-Replaced stock knobs with larger much more grippy knobs. Still works 100%

Saitek Autopilot Panel ($100)
-Replaced stock left knob with larger gribby knob similar to radio panel. Also works 100% (and was my most favorite panel to date)

TrackIR 4 Pro ($50)
-comes with visor and visor clip

All together as bundle : $325 + shipping (one big box with everything wrapped individually)

Please shoot me a PM if interested, I can take and send pics of everything. Will be sad to see everything go but don't imagine using any of it in the near future so my loss could be your gain!


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