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whitenack Guest

Thought I would share an experience I had last night. I was on the zone, flying with 8 or so other people in australia. I can't remember the departing airport, but Melbourne was the destination.

We were mostly flying kingairs.

From our departing airport, the active runway was straight in. No turns, no bases, just straight in to land.

It turns out that I ended up leading the caravan to the runway, but evidently I was coming in a little too slow, because as soon as I touched down, another kingair came flying in higher and faster than me to land in front of me.

I would not have been happy if he had bumped me (since I have crash realism set to the max, and that would have sent me back to the original runway), but since he didn't it was a pretty wild experience.

I'm sure this is no big deal to you guys, but for a newbie like me it was cool.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Lol, yup, multiplayer sure is fun sometimes. A lot of things can happen when you have 10 or so people trying to land on one runway 😕 and take off on various runways. What server were you using? Cheers

whitenack Guest

It was on 'the zone'. I can't remember what game. I ususally look for the one most populated with the least requirements.

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