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Considering that FLY AWAY's Screenshots has the best Image reproduction quality of the many sites around ( And that is a FACT!!--Its well Pucker alright) more of you Guys should be using it to show off your screenshots--it can only do them proud..
Get posting Lads there must be loads of Great Pics on your hard drives! Idea

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Cheeks by Name--Cheeks by nature??

You'll not find a better quality reproduction on any of the 5 more used X-Plane related forums around-FlyAways screenshots reproductions has great definition & colour rendering--Just have a butchers!

PS "Hows Laurel getting on Olly"

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Yes the Beta 'Upload' page is great--really cuts out the work & chance of errors.

Should hopefully encourage a lot more members to post & the way Flight Sims & video cards are progressing the point of where it will be impossible to tell a 'Real shot' from a 'Sim shot' is just around the corner

Nice one FlyAway.

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