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Every since I created the first nuke effect, I've been playing with it. Just like the original, I had it working for 8 or more months before uploading it. Well, now it's time to show what I've had for the last year or so. Check out the video of what I may release here pretty soon. Depending on feedback, I'm not sure if I want to make it payware or keep it freeware. I have alot of problems with people uploading my effect to other sites, or packaging it up with aircraft. To name a couple, CaptSim and Nor-Cal Prop. Anyways, take a look and let me know what you think.

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helo ac yn epig yr effaith nuke yn!!!!!!!!
(hello and is epic the nuke effect is!!!!!!!!) 😎 😎 😎
in wesh lol

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The explosion fx looks super! I would like to see a more dense black & grey smoke. I'm not sure how you would do that in FS. As far as offering it up for sale...maybe needs a little more work. Good job though.

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