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New VA started: Southwest Virtual Airlines

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I have parted ways with Alaska Airlines (changed names too many times for me) and created a new VA, Southwest Virtual Airways. My airline is fairly small; with only 4 active pilots, 5 Boeing 737-700s and 55 routes, we managed to rank in the top 100 airlines (#90 in VCAS) in less than a month. However, it was no small feat; we need more pilots to help us get out of VAFS financial hole: VAFS does not start new airlines off with money, so we started off in the red.... so we need pilots to help us do two things:

1. Help up get out of the red....

2. Fly new routes...

So far we only have 55 routes and one hub, but we are trying to expand to both East and West Coasts... so we would like to add two new Hubs; Baltimore/Washington International and Phoenix/Sky Harbor just to start expanding our airlines. We also are partners with Virtual Aviation Experience, a group of virtual ATC Operators who operate both a Teamspeak and FSX server. So now you have a VA with its own ATC operators for multiplayer!

As of now, I do not have a website up, but if you want to contact me, you can shoot me a PM expressing interest in joining our VA or you can join us on Teamspeak @

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