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I posted this topic here a few weeks ago, now i cant find it, but i didnt get my problem solved 😞 ! Anywho... i had to reboot my computer back to thr original factory settings, but when i try to install fs2002 now it wont work, when it is installing windows media player first it says that there is no room for swapping files or its a corrupt cabnet file, it cant be anything to do with memory cuz my C drive has about 95% free! Then the computer restarts and it goes into the installation of the game, then it stops, then it tells me there was an error! Its really annoying! my computer is windows ME, 900mhz, 30Gb hard drive, integrated S3 ProSavage4 3D AGP graphics if that helps!
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A number of problems.
W-ME is the worst OS that MS ever put out (I know I used it before I dumped it in favor of XP home).
Your video card is, by my research, a 32mb shared integrated card. By that I mean the it's part of the motherboard and uses some of your memory to run it instead of having it's own.

If you want to keep your computer as it is without spending any money, I would suggest a clean install of W-ME, download new drivers for your video card and then you shouldn't have any problems with the sim.

If you want to spend some $ you can increase your memory, my guess is that you have 128mb or 256mb both not enough for the OS, the video card and the sim. You need 512mb.
You could also buy XP and a new card, but to spend all that $ on a 900 really isn't worth it.

Let us know what you do. Good luck with it.


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