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Hello everybody!

I'm begginer in FS 2004, and i have a big problem. I'm always flying with a Boeing 737-400, and everytime i try to land, my speed is really high (~250-260 knots) and i miss the aproach, or, in most cases, i land near the runway. I need to know, is it possible to set a specific speed?


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The first aircraft you use should be a single engine, then graduate to bigger craft.
Take the lessons, they are short and good.

You have the ease up on the throttle earlier on approach and use flaps.


morandi22 Guest

i do use flaps and throttle but it still goes fast. i did begin with cessna. i'm flying it allmost perfect..but i have this problem with the speed. i know that under 10000 ft the cruise speed should not go over 180 knots..but do i mantain that speed?

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Your joystick should be able to be adjusted (moved) to do that.
Try autopilot and see if that maintains your speed, not for landing but normal flying.


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set your adviced speed using auto throttle, works like a charm 😀

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