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The following artical was featured on Computer Pilot Magazine's website.

"....FSNavNet now operational

We are proud to announce the launch of Flight Simulator Naval Network, an online simulation community based on multiplayer servers dedicated to Flight Simulator ship enthusiast around the world!
Although the name implies “Naval”, FSNavNet (short for Flight Simulator Naval Network) is really a maritime and maritime related aviation simulation community based on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator program. What makes FSNavNet unique is that the primary focus is placed on virtual maritime simulation. Another unique feature is the online environment. We offer the opportunity for ship enthusiast  to take part in a segment referred to as “GEO”. This is where staff creates complex, virtual  international maritime scenarios (fictitious) for users to interact with. This is done through discussion boards and a specially designed webpages found here on this website (available soon). Details will be made available prior to the segment coming online.
FSNavNet is intended to be an ongoing “work in progress”. Through the hard work of talented third party developers / programmers, working alongside virtual ship enthusiast, it is expected to be an ever growing entity in the Flight Sim community. Frequent changes to software, documentation and other related resources will be the “norm” in order to improve and enhance the overall online environment and expand the functionality of the network as a whole.
In addition to software and other related material, at the heart of the network is a community forum. This is where discussions and detailed information about the network and other related segments such as the GEO segment.
An important note: FSNavNet is not a “VA”(“Virtual Airline”). This is a community of virtual ship enthusiast focused on creating a virtual maritime environment. There are NO cost involved in being a part of this community, it’s totally FREE!! Servers are setup, programmed, organized, and maintained  by staff for purpose of allowing individuals and organizations, (like VA’s) to take part in virtual maritime activities online in a friendly, “neutral” environment. 



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Nice but doesn't pertain to Flight.
Moved to proper forum.


AJ Weber Guest

Hi Radar Man,

I know this is a late response, but I just ran across this reply and figured I'd set the record straight. As a matter of fact, FSNavNet and this post on the forum both pertain to flight! If you read through the post you'll see that it it mentions "maritime related aviation....." as well as ships.

My quess is that when people here the word "Maritime" they don't think about aircraft being involved, but they most certainly are!! The Coast Guard, Navy, Greenpeace and just about every navy on the planet have aircraft in their inventory, and that's part of what's FSNavNet uniqe, it's a place where you can sail and fly! Come check it out!

Just FYI.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Thanks for clearing that up.
I'm sure you'll get new visitors now.


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