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Timber Virtual Airlines (TVA) is building a cargo and passenger service with the main HUB out of Grand Junction Colorado (KGJT). Our fleet will consist of turboprop, piston engine aircraft, and helicopters, with a maximum payload of 45000 pounds.

Our heavy lift aircraft, such as the Hercules C- 130, and DH5 Buffalo, will provide service between our HUB's and to our many FBO's. GA type STOL will fly from the FBO's to service airports without scheduled airline service, airstrips, and helicopter service areas. Aircraft and helicopters will be added as the servicing areas grow.

TVA utilizes the ACARS system provided through the Virtual Airline Financial Systems (VAFS). We use Teamspeak 3 (TS3) as our primary means of communications. Servers for both TS3, and multiplay are provided by VAFinancials. The FSInn program is used for multiplay.

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