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I am in the process of clearing out my house as I am moving and have some items which may be of interest to flight simmers and or aviation enthusiasts.

This is all things that I have left over from my RAF days, which are just sitting around in my house not being used for anything and I can't take them with me.

I have Terminal Charts for the whole of the uk, these were effective fro 30 Aug 07 so no doubt will be innacurate now, but for sim flying they are great! They are split into two flip pads, covering North and South respectively.

I also have Merlin EH101 training folders x4 covering everything you need to know about how the helicopter systems (mechanical and avionics but nothing on structure). This could be ideal for anyone developing their own flight model or just as a general reference.

I have a selection of training booklets from the RAF covering Aircraft structures, hydraulics, environmental control, undercarriage etc.

Also, I have one USAF olive green flight suit, with squadron badges (it fits me and I am 5 ft 7 average build). The badges are from a C-17 sqdn, and I swapped outfits with a USAF pilot.

Lastly, I have a collection of Doulton aircraft plates, some of which the packaging hasn't been opened. The plates include depictions of WW2 aircraft. There is a Battle of Britain Memoriable flight special which has 3 x rectangle plates and wooden wall mount, and another 90 th anniversary (i think) plate with stand. There is also a concorde pocket watch which is in a wooden box, again this has never seen the light of day.

If any one is interested in any of these items, please message me for further details / pictures.

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Toby Caswell Guest

Al of that sound interesting could you email me the pricing of each thing or as a package


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