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Hi there.
I own fs2004 and have achieved adding on extra aircraft. Now I want to add more/change the AI traffic so the game is more realistic. But I am new to this idea and have absolutely no idea how to do it. I have read what other people have said but I haven't got a clue what it all means. I desperately need help from someone who knows what they are doing and can explain it in simple english! I cannot download anything too large because of my internet connection and can't afford to buy things like Ultimate Traffic etc. I live in New Zealand so am probably too far away to order them anyway. Isin't there a simple way of doing it? Any help would be appreciated.

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For free traffic go here ➡

Simple to use as it has its own installer,even the airline packs

I used to use it and it filled the sky with aircraft
Download the main package,then add an airline and an aircraft every day/week whatever
Also look up Afcad2 , which lets you add parking to all airports,and more parking = more traffic can use that airport

If you get stuck with it give me a shout and Ill see if I can remember

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I think there are free addons that allow you to have more traffic, but I'm not sure what they are. Make sure the Air Traffic is set to 100%.

As for changing AI traffic, it is quite simple. There are small downloads on this site, (go to FS2004 Downloads and type in "livery" or something similar, and a few will come up). These contain common liverys like BA, Virgin, Qantas , Air France etc. The file is small because it only contains textures.

1. Go to the pre-existing aircraft in the FS9 folder --> Aircraft, and delete the textures (Dont worry, they can be restored from the recycle bin, or you can save them in another folder). For example go to b737-400 folder in the Aircraft folder and delete the textures.

2. Copy the textures from the downloaded file and place them where you just deleted the files from, so you have swapped the old texture files for the new ones. This now means that the AI traffic for that aircraft, i.e. all 737-400s will no longer be "Orbit, World Travel etc". You can also fly these new liverys.

Hope that helps 😀

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I recommend Project AI but I also suggest you check out VIRTUAL AIR NEW ZEALAND and make sure to get some of the cool Air NZ planes as they are great and your country has a great airline.

Might also try AI-Traffic for Flight Simulator 02/FS9 at

AI Air New Zealand specific:

Have some fun. NO giving up allowed! 😂

Radeon Guest

Hi guys,
Thanks for all your help. To OrlandoGeorge I will certainly check out those sites. However I still have questions for tomthetank. I went to the link you gave me to Project AI and this is what I did. Tell me if I did something wrong. I clicked the link, then clicked on PAI installer & Special packages, then clicked FS2004 Defult Commercial Traffic Installer and downloaded it. There are others there and remover ones as well. Should I install those as well? When I downloaded that file I unzipped it into a tempory file. When I tried to install it I didn't know how because there isin't a specific setup icon you just click on and it installs itself. What do I do now? and does this package replace all the current AI aircraft with real ones? if so which ones? Can I change them?
Sorry about so many questions. I am a really good pilot but don't know my way around add-ons very well!

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Your doing ok
Click the above link again and the next step is some airlines Grab as many as you want/need.
Then go get some paint kits,again whatever you want,then cargo

It all installs its self and the beauty of this add on is the more you put in the more you get out
If you jusy fly local then just d/load those airlines that you would see in real life in your area

Most of the airline packges(flight plans) are based on real ones,you can alter them with a tool called TrafficTools(I did'nt have much joy with it,but others swear by it)Available at avsim and others

Untill you have some airline packs and paints,you will not see much difference,but once you have one or will soon start seeing them

99jolegg has some good advice there for the default aircraft

I know you are on dial up,but as I said the more you put in the more you get out
Gab a file a day/week whatever as its worth it

Some good stuff from OrlandoGeorge too 😀

Radeon Guest

OK. I have downloaded Air NZ from Airlines and the 737-300 from paint kits. I now have 2 zip files sitting in a tempoary file. What do I unzip them into?

I think I understand how this works. The Airline package provides real life routes that company operates in, and the paint kit provides the type of aircrft being operated and is given routes by the package. Am I right?

And if 99jolegg is out there, any advice would be great.

Thanks. 😕

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Your doing everything ok

Good idea to make a folder for all PAI downloads

If when you install the PAI installer select auto and it will search your new folder for anything it can install and do it for you

Radeon Guest

I have a problem. When the files were unzipped, an icon named Install FS2004 Default Commercial came up. This is exactly what I want but when clicked, it goes into a word processing program and displays all the information as pages and pages and pages of random symbols and stuff. How do I fix this problem?


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You have to put everything PAI into the same folder
When you d/loaded the installer,the packages everything must be in the same folder(all opened and not zipped)

So your folder will have in it ➡

TTools program
PAI installer program
7 ddl files
1 TTools config file
1 PAI installer.lib

Now also put that funny word doc in there and click on the installer prog and whammo it should all kick off and run both the installer followed by the TTools program .......Thats it,job done

Now when you add any other flight plans or packages put them in the above folder and run the prog again

Try that 😉

Radeon Guest

I got it to work!! However there is still one thing I do not understand. I only downloaded AirNewZealand from Airlines and the 737-300 from Paint kits, but there are other aircraft other than ther 737-300 that I did not download flying around. Do all these aircraft come with Air NZ or do I have to download them separately like I did with the737?


Radeon Guest

Another thing,
What do I do with the defult aircraft. Do I just delete them all?

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