My FSX Folder is messed up?

Chugle Guest

I have FSX Gold, and I cant add aircraft to it because when I go to the Simobjects folder, It doesnt show the airplanes folder, instead it shows everything scatterd around.PLease help me.

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Marc Wheeler (CXA001) Trainee

If things are that messed up, you will probably have to uninstall FSX and then reinstall it.

bobhoover Guest

I have the same problem. I have the gold edition of FSX, and the folders are the same. One thing that wasn't mentioned is that once inside the folders there are very few things there. Some of the folders have 1 item, most are completely empty. I accidentally deleted the J3 cub folder entirely, but the aircraft still works. The pitts s2s from simviation I tried to install didn't work no matter what I tried. It didn't show up. I did uninstall completely and reinstalled, the sim still works the same as before, but will not even notice the aircraft I tried to install. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

bobhoover Guest

I found the solution. When the computer installs fsx it puts it into a certain folder. this folder is protected. you need to uninstall fsx and reinstall it. but when you reinstall you need to put it somewhere else. I made the directory C:\FSX . this allows you to edit existing folders and add new ones. hope this helps.

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