Anyone tried it?

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Marc Wheeler (CXA001) Trainee

Has anyone tried Prepar3D?

There are lots of articles saying that is great, but I was wondering if anyone here has tried it first hand?

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Yeah I tried it... it's like FSX but something is different..... maybe the codes were rewritten. All I know is that all the add-on developers, From Aerosoft to Real Environment Extreme, are putting their software on it as well.


I've tried it. It is very much like FSX without the campaign/career feel. There are no awards or challenging missions. It is just a Flight Sim built on top of FSX.

With that said, it is very good and just as much fun to fly with improved graphics and add-ons like REX for real weather and the ability to add real flights and flight times.

There really is no difference between the Academic version and Professional version (except in price and a very small Academic watermark on the upper Right-Side of the screen).

Keep in mind, it is NOT being sold with entertainment in mind so there will be no "home" version. The Academic version will be the closest (and cheapest) version.

I do miss the career stats, medals, trophies, missions etc... but it is still worth getting.

I only got it because a couple years ago, I had to remove FSX from my PC to switch from Win7 32bit to Win7 64bit and since then, FSX thinks it's still on my PC and so will not re-install 😞

GregJ Guest

I have tried it and frankly find it far more friendly - despite learning curve than FSX - By that I mean better FPS, greater support from sim platform to freeware and payware. I fly everyday now as opposed t a 2 year hiatus from FSX simply because it was to me, getting clunky looking. ORBX has added great global landclass and regions, I am sure there are others out there too, but that's who I use and it makes a far more immersive product. I recently purchased the academic version of P3D so that I can use VRS superbug F/A-18 and while my FPS are now down, it's still a very smooth flight at about 25 fps on a 3770k with an Gtx 980. I believe it wll outlast and out develop and support FSX reign simply b/c there are fewer barriers to public development for software and addons alike.

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rory (Deathcruzer) Trainee

Great , gets as close to the real thing as you can for this price.

Its not a game though. So if you want arcade features ....stick with FSX

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Al Thomas (althomas) Trainee

I use it almost exclusively. I've had good luck installing FSX aircraft and scenery and it works very smoothly. I am using version 2.5 🙂

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