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Our mission here at Pacific Blue, is to provide a fun,
entertaining, challenging and rewarding experience for simmers of all skill levels.

Our VA uses a wide variety of aircraft to cover over 6600 routes around the world. Whether
you prefer short domestic hops, regional, cross country or transcontinental, we have the routes
for you. We even fly into Lukla airport high on Mt. Everest. (10000 ft ASL)

How about braving the harsh weather of Alaska, the Yukon Territory and Canada. We make it
fun, challenging and realistic. Unlike most VAs that fly the same old boring routes day in and
day out. Here at Pacific Blue, you are not required to start a route at an airport you had landed
at prior. You choose your route by Departure airport, arrival airport, Type of aircraft or distance
of the flight. We offer awards to pilots that show great ability, commitment and longevity.

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