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I would like to announce the creation of Era Virtual Airways. We are an airline built specifically for the flight sim enthusiast who wants to get as much realism out of the flight sim experience as possible.

We currently operate 7 different airlines with everything from low level bush flying to high level IFR flights. All of our parent airlines are aware of our presence and we have their full support in our endeavours. We are looking for quite a few more highly dedicated, enthusiastic pilots to add to our current roster of 10. There are over 400 flyable routes with a good amount of scenarios on the horizon. The Board of Directors at Era Virtual Airways strives to keep our VA “as real as it gets” so if it happens in real life, it happens here.

We understand life gets in the way of our hobbies so we don’t pressure you to make a certain amount of flights every month. We have incorporated such programs as VAFS5, TeamSpeak3, VAFS multiplayer, Flight Sim Commander, and VatSim. If you are looking for an experience unlike any other operational virtual airline, be sure to check us out!!!

See you in the skies!!!
Chris Wetzel
COO – Era Virtual Airways

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