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KJFK Hub Manager WANTED for Jetsource Virtual...

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Hi Guys,
I am looking for a hub manager for my VA called Jetsource Virtual. The hub currently is JFK.
Here is a job description. Please contact me at and fill out a employment application.
Hub Management

As a hub manager of Jetsource Virtual, you will be responsible for regulating routes for your hub, you will also be responsible for monitoring all members of your hub. If you have any concerns, raise them with the CEO or HR Director immediately. Regular use of our TeamSpeak 3 is recommended so that you can interact with your staff and members as much as possible.

Previous experience welcome, but not an absolute requirement.

You will also need good people and communication skills for this role, considering you will be working closely with the CEO and FBO Managers and you will be a representative of Jetsource Virtual.

Please fill out the following employment application, and our HR Department will contact you shortly:

Employment Application Link:

Just Pick Management -> Office Staff for now.

Andrew Conley

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