mig 21 fm sfrj texture

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Hello all
First of all I want to tell how great site this is.
I have downloaded lot of aircrafts, and some sceneries and I have fun.

I have downloaded original MIG 21MF by Ivan Jurcaga couple of months ago and it works well.
What I am having problem with is the MIG 21MF SFRJ texture.
I downloaded the texture and tried to copy/paste cfg text to aircraft.cfg file for MIG 21MF but I am getting error message saying how access is denied.
I also tried to create new aircraft.cfg file separate from Sim Objects folder but when copy/pasted back it does not work.

I am not sure is the texture file it self corrupted or am I doing something wrong?
I did this numerous times.
I am operating Windows 7 with 64bit.

Thanks in advance and keep on flying!

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This should help, you have to run it as an administrator in W7 now.


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Thank you RadarMan,
Thta was not the problem.
The problem was in coding it self.
Just needed to swtch sfrj and plane number.
Got it all fixed.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 Good to hear that you fixed it.


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