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Hi everyone,

New poster here!

So my question is about the altitude callouts on landing ("...50, 40, 30..."). The file I have is from and is called Boeing Callouts or something similar.

My question is: Is there a way to calibrate when "Zero" is? For example, on bigger planes like the Erik Cantu L-1011 and POSKY 747, the plane lands right after the "30" or "20" callout. Even on the iFDG and PA A320s, they land right around the "10" callout. Only the SGA MD-80 seems to be accurate regarding this. Is there a way to adjust these so that the plane touches down after the "10" callout, as opposed to at like the "30" callout?



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Read this over and see if it's what you are looking for.


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I, too, reasearched this a few years ago and came up with this:

" ‘True Altitude’ for AGL (Above Ground Level) The radar altitude gauge is an electronically measured altitude formed by bouncing a radio signal, from a transmitter on the bottom of the jet, off the ground and then measuring the time it takes for the signal to return. This altitude is the exact height of the jet from the ground surface directly below. NOT THE LANDING GEARS!"

As for an adjustment, I am still on the lookout!

Good Luck!

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I figured that was the case...however it's annoying because in real airplanes (my dad's an airline pilot) it's adjusted to take into the height of the when you touchdown, the RA says "0".

Guess I'll just put up with it for now haha

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