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Hello fellow flight simmers,

As Vice President of Operations, I am pleased to announce the re-opening of ATA Virtual Airline.

ATA Virtual is seeking pilots and Staff Members to fill our Roster (see the Human Resources Link in our Navigation menu).

ATA Virtualís site is up and going with a growing fleet with Mainline, Connection and Retro routes that the once great ATA Flew.

Mainline Routes - These routes were flown from the middle to the later years of the existence of ATA.
Retro Routes - These routes where the original routes flown from the early years of ATA.
Connection Routes - These routes where the short hop commuter flights based mainly out of our Hubs located in Chicago and Indianapolis.

ATA Virtual is now officially opened as of this post. ATA Virtual will carry over your flight hours in full from your current or past VA experiences with a verified link for proof. ATA Virtual is using the latest phpVMS with many great features offered from the their site for our pilots and staff. We also have our own Team Speak 3 server as well as a Forum.

We look forward to seeing your application and hope to see you in the friendly skies.

Best Regards,
Greg Bullias
VP-Ops ATA Virtual


As CEO of ATA Virtual and on behalf of the Staff, we are pleased to announce we are undergoing a facelift to our site with a new layout and a new banner.

We are still recruiting for Pilots and various staff positions.

Also as we gain more pilots, ATA Virtual will be issuing awards for the following:

1) Pilot of the Month and Year. POM and POY
2) Hub of the Month and Year. HOM and HOY
3) Length of Service awards.

At this time the Staff of ATA Virtual is working out the details on how we will determine each award listed above with the exception of the Length of Service Award. We will have a discussion on this in our Forums for our members to vote/comment on.
The Staff of ATA Virtual knows that many Virtual Airlines have Pilot of the Month pages as well as Hub of the Month pages with the Pilots Name/Hub and the Month the award was given. However, the Staff at ATA Virtual wants to go one step further. With each award, ATA Virtual will not only list you on the proper pages and mention it in our forums, but ATA Virtual wants to give something back to the members for their achievements, and time spent with ATA Virtual, something that will last forever long after a pilot of ATA Virtual retires for whatever reason. ATA Virtual will issue real hardware, whether it be plaques, trophies or pins monthly for POM's, POY's, HOM's and HOY's.

The Pilot of the Month and Pilot of the Year - ATA Virtual will issue those pilots a real trophy with an engraved plate with the following information:
ATA Virtual
Pilot of the Month
Youíre Name

Hub of the Month and Hub of the Year - the Hub Manager will receive on their first month of receiving this honor a Plaque with their name on it, the Hub Name on it and space to put 12 Engraved Plates on it. Granted, the Hub Manager may not fill those 12 spots up but the spaces will be there for each Month if needed. Hub of the year, well we havenít come up with any ideas on this as of yet.

For length of service for each year you are with ATA Virtual, ATA Virtual will mail you a pin signifying the year of service. So if you are with ATA Virtual for 5 years you will receive a pin for each year, IE, 1 Year Service, 2 Year Service, etc, etc.

For more information and to see the awards we will be issuing we invite you to visit our site at

Best Regards,

Ron Sprinkel
ATA Virtual CEO

Pam Brooker Guest

why am i only hearing about this now?? Man have i been out of it a ,long time.. ATA was the BEST group of crazies Ive ever known and ive missed it every day since they closed the doors..
Thanks for reopening it..

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