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New Virtual Airline of the Caribbean

Caribbean Airlines Virtua Guest

Caribbean Airline Virtual is a new virtual airline based in the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago & Kingston Jamaica. This airline operates services to New York, Miami, Toronto, Fort Lauradale, St. Marteen, Barbados, Antigua just to name a few.

We will be opening our doors on December 18th, 2012 to begin recruitment of pilots, and we have been working towards many goals within the virtual airline industry. Our staff is totally dedicated to producing a very quality, modern and exciting virtual airline.

Caribbean Airlines Virtual is currently developing a training center, which will allow us to train pilots who wish to advance, or wish to learn more! Along with the basic pilot courses, we are working on setting up our P1 material, to become a VATSIM ATO so we may begin offering our pilots the options to become VATSIM Pilot rated.

Along with other goals, we hope we can obtain some active pilots.

Our facebook page can be viewed at the following link:

Out twitter account is: @CaribbeanAVA

I'm hoping that you will have a very exciting time with us as we strive to launch our airline on Christmas Day, 2012.

We will see you there!

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