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To whoever can help me,
I do not know how to install new airports into the game that I have downloaded. I know how to download and install add-on aircraft but airports I cannot figure out.

Can someone provide detailed steps for me to follow?

Any help is appreciated. 😕

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Here is a typical install for scenery, which can be found in most readme files. Always read the readme
Hope this helps 😀

1) UNZIP: Unzip the zip file directly into the FS2004 main folder using the "Use Folder Names" unzip option.

Note: The default main folder is "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9", but in your case this folder is whatever FS2004 folder contains your FS9.EXE file in the event you installed FS2004 somewhere other than the default location.


a. Start FS2004, then immediately go to the "Select a Flight" window, then choose the SETTINGS option on the bottom left of the "Select a Flight" window.

If your FS2004 starts up to a default flight instead of going to the start up menus, you need to END FLIGHT (ESCAPE key), then choose the SETTINGS menu choice on the bottom left of "Select a Flight window.

b. Choose the "Scenery Library..." button and then click the "Add Area" button on the right.

c. Double click on the "Addon Scenery" folder in the Explorer window that appears, then double click on the scenery folder you are adding. Click OK to save your choice, then OK again to exit out of the Scenery Library window.

d. Now, EXIT out of the sim completely and re-launch it, which initiates the automatic Scenery Index feature of the sim. That should be it.

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Thanks for that jelami. Couldn't have done it without you. 👍

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Can FS2002 airport downloads be used on FS2004?

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Most all will work, there are the exceptions of course so don't be too dissapointed.


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