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Greetings all.

I was wondering if anyone has used the paint kit for the Wilco 777? I downloaded it and I find it confusing. The paint kit is a photoshop image of the complete (contiguous) left fuselage, unlike the Left.T and Right.T bitmaps (which are in sections) that FSX uses to map onto the airplane.

Do you paint onto the paint-kit file and then 'cut it up' and then attempt to paste / align the part into an already existing livery bitmap?

Any tips on how to use this would be greatly appreciated!


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Sim_Sam Guest

Well, after some experimentation, I found I indeed you do 'cut up' the paint-kit image after you've done the graphics. I was able to run stripes down the sides of the 777 and had them line up, so I must be doing something right.

I'd still love to hear how other people have utilized this particular kit.


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Roger Bates (zrotzel) Trainee

can you post a screen shot of the paint kit while in photoshop?

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