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Hello, If someone could help me with this, I will worship you like a god. For the private pilot lessons, the last one(Lesson # 5). Now you take off and land at another airport learning the ATC feature. Now i have no clue when the ATC wants me to turn, or even know what runway i need to land at without a chart that shows me the airport. If someone could just quickly do this lesson and use the print screen feature and post the flight anaylsis. It would really really help me a lot and i would apperiate it SOOOOO much. Please Sad


Can anyone help? or atleast describe how they did the lesson?

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Go to the FS9 directory, then click the "Charts" folder, and look for the KTIW one, its the one used for that lesson i guess.

If that dont help, let me know. The lesson itself could actually be bugged so it wont work at all.


Actually that does help quite a bit. At the begining for charts it said none, so i had a lot of trouble knowing what runway or even what direction i enter the downwind leg, but with the chart it makes everything clear.

Thanks alot for replying, been waiting all day for someone.


I was speaking of the Lesson instead of the checkride, but on the subject, is this the lesson that everybody talks about that you can not complete without the 9.1 version. Could someone reply?

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I think it could be.
Sorry, I'm not on here as much as i used to be. If i remember right, a lot of the lessons are all weird, I hated doing all of them, but i did learn a lot of CAN just forge a certificate for yourself in MS paint if you can find the base pics for the certs in FS9

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The certificates are in the main (root) folder in a folder called "Uires". Rolling Eyes


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