i want some custom aircraft made but who would you recomend?

metal101 Guest

Hey Flybe trainee pilot here, spend my time playing around on FSX, but would love someone to make me there old fleet under there old "Jersey European" name with the pain work, I'm looking for there classic shorts 360, one of my favorite turbo prop aircraft, of course the good old Dash 8-Q400 (in which i train in at the moment) The Fokker F27 friendship AND THE 146-200A (which my father used to fly), i just love this airlines old logo/paintwork, as its what i used to fly in constantly as a child 🙂.
Thanks for your help

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Agent Orange Guest

Abacus offers the Dash-8, F27 and BAe 146 -- however, the quality of their expansions is usually inferior to FSX original aircraft. As for the Shorts 360, I have no idea whether anyone offers this aircraft.

BillHutch Guest

Does anyone know of a Windecker Eagle for FSX? I tried to port one from FS9 but it crashes FSX.


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