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Well for starters, Microsoft aircraft SUCK. if you want a good aircraft with good panels, DOWNLOAD them. I never fly the defult aircraft, I go to which is free. they give nonpaying people 2 hours a day to download planes. As far as scenery...yes it should have more. But everyone need to relieze that everyone isnt rich and cant afford the very best in computers. They dont add so much to this game due the fact that they want to sell the game also. They want everyone to be able to play it. At least tornados, and hurricans. Natural disaters should be added into it. There should be of course better AI ATC. I hate when they turn me on final, and there is the darn lear jet 2nm in front of me. I might as well go around then. Another thing that should be added to the next FS. There should be an airshow somewhere, Have the thunderbirds, blue angels, or even the canada snowbirds. I dont mean the entire show, but at least a few manuavers. I'm not too sure about FS2004 real weather. I can set the game to real weather and according ot the game its overcast here at my home airport. I go out side and its nice and sunny, not a cloud in sight. A lower space orbit should be flyable also. At least something to take the x-15 and a sr71 up to. There should be Gate numbers at big airports as defult scerery. THIS TIME INCLUDE BRIDGES THE FIRST TIME. many of you dont know, but many bridges were left out in the first release of FS2004. you can go to the game web page and get the update for the bridges. In multiplayer there should be somewhere within the game to tell you your IP address to that other on your lan, or jsut someone you want to call can join, I really hate, it would be nice not to have to go through that anymore. One more thing, When in mulitplayer mode, when flying with other people you should be able to download their aircraft textures, not the entire thing, just of what it looks like on the outside, kinda like AI traffic, all you see is the outside.

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I'm glad you've got some understanding of how the MS system works.

Yes, better ATC and AI traffic, I've gotten shafted by many a 747 when i turn final and THERE IT IS!

I think that the MS aircraft are probably always going to suck, simply because they don't want to spend a lot of time on the aircraft.

Assuming it took them 8 hours to create all the planes, and yes, lets remove the "Historic" ones, no one flies those. Not the DC-3, thats cool, but the wright flyer, what the funk?

Ok, 8 hours to make what, 12 pieces of crap...Let's say they spend 20 hours making the learning center. Assuming everyone who owned FS9 read through the Learning center, there would be no need for a site like this. So, we know so far that a vast majority of people dont look at/forget/never even realize even though john and martha (I bet 75% of the people that own FS9 dont know who those 2 are) stress over and over, that the learning center is THERE. Martha dedicates at least 4 minues of one of the "getting started" movies to it.

So, 20 hours down the drain...well, no...from the sounds of this forum, quite a few people read through it *guilty*. Which is good too, because if no one did, this forum would be useless, which it is not. Lets say they put those 20 hours into aircraft creation...well, they'd have godlike looking aircraft that flew like the real thing.

I'm not knocking the LC in FS9 either, but some of the stuff in there is useless. Like the SimCharts article...FS9 has 10 charts, for airports i've never been to before. You can learn better info on how to read charts other places.

But they do have to try and give a balance of what people want and need to enjoy the sim with varying skill levels. Which is why some of the bridges, are left out...besides...who looks at bridges anyway.

Just kidding, twas sarcastic!

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