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Strange Frame-rates

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Hi Guys,

I realise there must be a million threads for this kind of thing but I have tried everything.

My computer specs are:

AMD Fx(tm)-6100 six core processor (3.30ghz)
64bit Win 8
Geforce GTX 650

I have tweaked the CFG file to kingdom come, tried the Xtreme FSX booster program, deleted the CFG file and created a new one with venetubo and nothing seems to get me above 11-15 fps (according to fraps).

I've also tried most of the FSX texture tweaks and changes in FSX; unlimited frame rates, disabling DX10, flare etc.

I am running this all through a a large LG TV/Monitor. Does the native resolution of the monitor effect the maximum fps you can achieve? The native on the screen is 1360x768, but im running it at 1920x1080.

Any ideas on how to up my frame rate?

Many thanks!

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Even though you only have a 1gig video card you should get better FPS.
Try flying in Window mode and lock your FPS at 20.
See if that does it.


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I also have a ASUS GT440 card, it is still a 1GB card but can be overclocked to 822mhz. Would that be a better choice?

I was under the impression that FSX is more cpu orientated than gpu...

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The ASUS GT440 card has very good reviews.
Try out each and see which works best.
It is CPU driven but for FPS the better the card the better the FPS.
Turn down (or off) your AI and that may help.


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