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I think one of thing that makes this VA stand out from most of the VA's out there is that we not only fly scheduled cargo flights, but also flights that arise from real world situations. With the tsunami that struck India, Thailand, the Maldives and other countries, we are in the process of shipping over 500 Tons of cargo to those areas. Plus we ship based on other events, military needs, at the request of other VA's, and unique events that happen worldwide.

Antonov Virtual Airlines is a unique VA that offers transport of cargo or assets of other virtual airlines or organizations that do not have their own transport capability. Through the use of a variety of aircraft we have the ability to transport heavy and/or oversized cargo to any place on the Earth. Utilizing the legendary Antonov Design Bureau fleet, with such aircraft as the An-225, An-124, and An-22, we have the ability to carry loads as heavy as 250 tons! Through contracts with Air Foyle HeavyLift of London, Antonov Virtual Airlines maintains offices in Kiev, London, Kansas, Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and many more.

Ray Brower, CEO
Antonov Virtual Airlines

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