A380 FX version


I bought the CD 2 years ago, and the 2004 version was working perfectly, however the FSX version did not , the altitude switch did not work, also the vertical altitude did not work. I contacted Wilco and they asked me to send a photo shot of the instrument panel when the switches were not working, they told me to start in 2D but it still did not work. so I just deleted the FSX version, about 1 year later I saw them advertised again, and thought they must have fixed it now , I asked the supplier, if the problems I had before were fixed, he said yes so I bought it again, well here we go again, the same problems so I paid twice and still it was no dam good .I forgot to mention when I did get it to fly and ATC tells you to decent, again the switch only works sometimes, and you have to manually decent or you just overfly the airport. when I complained to Wilco again the man said some of the items are developed by outside people, I told him I don’t care who makes it, I bought it of you so you are responsible, I have since bought the A380, FSX from perfect flight, and it works perfectly I installed my own FMC, and that works fine, like the writer above stated, be warned, Wilco is bad news. Joseph theeboom

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