dont use tigerdirect

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friday night i went online and picked out a barebones kit for my stepson. over $1500 i was spending just on that. they sent me emails saying they got my order. the money came outta my balance. this morning they call me and say the transaction didnt go through because of some problem with my card. i called my bank and they gave me a transaction number to show they did get my $$.
so i call tiger direct customer service. they play this song and dance about my phone number didn't match. i straightened that out. then they said they might ship tomorrow morning, they'd let me know tomorrow. so i said no dice. if you cant give me a confirmation then refund my money. they say, it's sunday, we can't. then i go through a big song and dance while i get transferred over and over, and finally someone cancels my order, but i still have to wait for the money to show up in my account, and i cant shop somewhere else until it does.
hell will freeze over before i ever attempt to buy from them again.

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I'm surprised because I've found them to be a good company.
I'm also surprised that they withdrew your money before shipping, I think that they have to take the money when they ship not before (Calif. law?).
Maybe Florida laws (thats where they are located) do this.
Check with your credit card company and let them call Tiger


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