I can't see how to reply to comments after uploading video.

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I recently uploaded a video in the FS2004 forum showing Phantoms launching, and recovering to an aircraft carrier; also included was a four aircraft flying formation.

Two comments were posted about my video, unfortunately, I cant see any way to REPLY to these comments, other than to include the comments in my text. This does not seem a very satisfactory way of replying to comments, or am I missing something?


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Dear Mike,

Thank you for your feedback.

Currently, you have to post a new comment in reply to a previous comment. I.e., post a new one with @thecommentersname at the start of the post to indicate who you are replying to.

We will be rolling out threaded comments over the next few months as there has been some interest in this feature - yourself included.

You don't have to re-post the entire comment in your reply, simply indicate who you are replying to at the start of your follow-up comment.

All the best,


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Mike22 Trainee

Thanks for your prompt reply, Ian, and for answering my question.

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