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Coastie2003, your panel question

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I didnt wanna take the discussion off the Mooney, so i thought i'd make a new topic.

ANyway, aboiut your question. If it's a twin jet, Just use either the 737 or 777 panel instead.

So, heres what you do.

Copy the PANEL folder off of the 777, Don't cut it, just copy...i tried that once, big mistake!

Then go into the new aircraft's folder and Delete the ENTIRE panel folder, or make a "New Folder" and put the faulty panel in there if you wanna work on it later.

Simply paste the 777's panel folder, and you'll have a nice, working panel for the new plane you got!

I may not be on again tonite, I feel the urge to play some Neverwinter Nights, so if you have more Q's, drop me a line @


hey thanks SO much that worked out great. I was really wanting to use that jet but i couldnt with the gauges not working but your solution tookcare of it. thanks a bunch!!!!!!! by the way how is that neverwinter nightsgame i see it at circuit city whenever i go in there and it looks like an interesting game.

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It's loads of fun, if you're into the whole RPG system that the ever popular Dungeons and Dragons uses.

Although i've never played DnD myself.

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