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I recently replaced my GeForce 9800GT with a Galaxy GTS450, hoping for better frame rates in FSX - and also because by screen was freezing while playing Bejeweled 3 (HD mode). Screen freeze also occurred randomly without playing *any* games.

My system is Gateway FX542X; Q9300 quad core 2.5GHz; 4GB RAM; Galaxy GTS 450 1024MB (new); Vista Ultimate 64.

My frame rates did not improve nor did the (random) freezing stop. Some sources point at my power supply. It is rated for 700 watts.

Now, separate from the power supply issue:

Can I re-install my 9800GT "in parallel" with the GTS 450?

Will I gain anything or, more likely, make the screen freezes worse?

Will the two cards overtax the power supply?

Might I be better off just doubling the RAM? - or both: 2 cards and 8GB?

Awaiting your profound judgment, your fan,

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