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Im working on the VOR approach, and i passed the lesson, but i just have a problem i cant seem to figure out. Ive went back and reviewed most of the groundschool along with went to the learning center, but i still dont understand how tuning the radio works.

Lets say i wanted to PAE at 110.6 for the VOR approach. Now as much as i know(well think), i have to put 110.6 into Nav1 in the radio. But i dont understand where i put this in and how i activate it or even know when its working?

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I assume you're asking how to enter the VOR frequency into the NAV 1 radio-- on the panel there is a button that looks like a little radio tower-- click it. That opens the radio stack. Find the "NAV1" section, and enter your VOR frequency into the numbers on the right, then click the button next to it that looks like this: <--> to put the frequency in the Active part of the NAV1 radio.

Now close the radio stack, and put the desired course into the NAV1 OBS (turn the knob until your course is at the top of the dial). When you vertical indicator is centered, you're on course.


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BTW, you can do all that with the flight paused (hit "P") so you don't crash while you're working on the radio. The first couple of times, at least.


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In order to check it is tuned to the correct frequency on the stack there are little toggle switches com 1 com 2 nav 1 nav 2 adf etc. Click Nav 1 if this is what you have put the frequency on you should soon hear a morse ident which corresponds to PAE for example.....helps you learn morse.


OK thanks a lot for the help everyone

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