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After reaching the gates after a flight

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I am new to FS04 and i was just wondering what to do after i taxi to the gates in like a commercial airline. I noticed there is a way to open the doors to the plane. After i reach the gate is anything further supposed to happen? or do i just press escape and end the flight.

Thank you any1 for your help

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Nothing else is "supposed" to happen.

If If I intend to continue the flight the next day, I usually set the flaps, trim, and navigation (GPS, etc.) all ready for take-off, then shut down the engines, and save the flight. That way I can start the next leg of the trip with a cold cockpit, but already have things set up the way I like for the next day.

If that's the end of the trip, I usually just check out the Flight Analysis to see if I screwed up anywhere, then shut it down.

The-GPS-Kid (and others, I'm sure) has an add-on that allows him to take a vehicle and drive around, but I haven't tried that yet. Personally, I'd like an add-on where you could take a taxi into town, hit a few clubs, knock back several cold ones, and listen to a band, then stagger back to the airport and sleep in the hanger. Maybe that will be in FS2006. 😂


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