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ive been using fsx and am looking for something to make the game look better

i have a intel core 2 quad Q8300 at 2.5ghz that works at 100% most of the time but my gtx650ti 2gbOC never even goes above 50% without overclocking it.

ive noticed a lot of videos where people have much better looking textures and i figured since my gpu isnt under much stress i can afford some graphics improvements

another question i have is with multiple cpu cores. i know that it only uses 1 core and i have set the affinity to 14 and it still doesnt work. didnt know if there is something that can help me use all 4 cores to the max potential

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Originally it only used 1 core.
SP2 patch made it possible to use all cores.
First you have to install SP1 then SP2.
They are available for download free.
They are also built into Acceleration, the add-on for FSX made by Microsoft.
I have it installed that way.
FSX deluxe and then Acceleration.
Some just buy FSX Gold and it's all in one.

Using all cores will give you better textures, if you don't think it's the best then buy an add-on, they do have some beauties.


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Try the Bojote Tweaks....

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