Build-to-order flight simulator PCs for sale! :)

sparksoftuk Guest

Hi, I wanted to let you guys know that I have some competitively priced PCs which are tailored to flight simulator X on eBay.

Here are the links!

First, there is the cheapest version which is very, very powerful regardless. I priced this at £1419.99.

Next, there is the mid-priced one. This one features a few pretty significant upgrades, including the motherboard and RAM. This one has a price tag of £1539.99.

Finally, the top-end one. This is quite a bit more powerful than its predecessors, including a graphics card upgrade, a storage space upgrade and a power supply upgrade. I priced this one at £1789.99.

Thanks for reading this post, I apologise if advertising is not allowed in this section. Hope you guys are interested.


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