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VirtUAL Flight Expo 2013 - August 17, 2013

Eric Kollat Guest

Hello everyone! My name is Eric Kollat and I am the Director of Events at Virtual United. I want to let you all know about our Flight Expo coming up. This is going to be our first annual virtual conference with the Flight Sim community. We are inviting real world pilots, Flight Sim organizations, and the VATSIM community to come on out with us on the evening of Saturday, August 17. We are currently organizing presentations as well, and if you are a real world pilot or Air Traffic Controller and have the time of speaking out to the community, we would like you to execute a presentation during the event. If you are interested in giving a presentation, please email the Community Affairs and Events department directly at, using the subject "Presentation Request". We ask you to use that specific subject in order for us to organize your emails the best way we can.

The presentation will run from 1800z to 2100z, each presentation being 15 minutes each. There will be a small period at the very end of the presentations to ask questions. This will all be done on a new TeamSpeak server we are currently setting up. Virtual United is hoping to make this event a time where the Flight Sim community can get together and exchange information about upcoming products or news.

We want to accommodate you the best we can for this event. We are asking you to email us if you are interested in joining us for this event ( By emailing us saying that you're looking to join, we can email you back closer to the event with our Event Agenda, and the TeamSpeak server information. Anyone is welcome, the more people we get, the better this event will turn out.


Eric Kollat
Director of Events[/img]

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