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hello i have to questions if someone can help. i did a flight to atlanta i did ils landing everything is setup right but when i land in atlanta i keep missing the runway twice.. did two flights still same never had this problem before at other airports. I d had to land the aircraft.

also Was wondering dose anyone on here knows how to change the avatar Pic ON this forums? I forgot cant remember thanks.

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Please don't take this the wrong way,VFR via ADF / ADI NAV1, grab the yoke/stick and fly the aircraft.GPS helps of course.I see so many pilots that rely on the FMC/CDU...and when something fails they can't land the aircraft.Your Autopilot is a great tool also in Zero visibility.Learn how to use it the right way as your getting ready of course on you final approach.IACO charts are a great tool, you name it, its there.
VSI, HSI, compass,,,all are old school, but believe it or not Real World
techniques. Todays GPS systems through FSX are very wide and many have different varieties for gauges.All can be incorporated through FSX.
One example, "FSX" Built in G1000 Mooney GPS system.This is a default and works great.You can easily throw that into a pop up window on ANY
aircraft.And I do mean any aircraft. My creditentials?? Ask me, and I'll be happy to tell you.(smile). Remember one thing, learn your HSI and your VSI according to each individual Aircraft that your flying,every airframe is of course different.Get to know it, and get to know the simple things as said before, Grab the stick and FLY !!. Idea

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