Frame Rates on what i think is a good machine...

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I am sure there have been many people asking about the holy grail of frame rates, but i am a little stuck, even after looking all over the place for solutions. However, i also see people posting amazing frame rates with lesser systems than i am running.

Just got a new system;
Geforce GTX 780 3gb Ram
32GB 1866 Ram
i7-3930k processor

I do have some programs installed. Ultimate Terrain, Ground and Environment. Again though, i have seen people running this with great frame rates.

I am currently achieving around 12-20fps from an external view of the plane and i can get to 30 if in standard cockpit or virtual cockpit (only if in it for a while though).

I also have addon airport Scenery, that i appreciate can slow things.

My current settings are quite high, but not maxed out, and even moving them down doesn't seem to do allot. I am running Directx9 mode as the directx10 has too many issues with addon scenery from what i have tried.

I dont know if there is a solution to this, but any thoughts very welcomed.. thanks all.

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You have to have SP1 and SP2 installed to use all the cores of your CPU.
You don't say what your power supply is, it has to be for that set-up at least 750w name brand.
I would suggest 1000w since you have so much ram and a 3gig card.

The best way it seems to get both "patches" installed is to use The Acceleration Pack" of FSX Gold which contains both SP1 and SP2.
They seem to integrate seamlessly into the system where just downloading and adding them doesn't.
The best FPS for FSX is locked at 20fps, if you had FS9 (2004) I would tell you locked at 30fps.


Irving Walker Guest

I have the acceleration pack installed and power supply is 1000W

I have read about locking the frame rate externally and then setting to unlimited in FSX. Dont know if this is better or not.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Why not try it and see.
My machine is locked at that and doesn't stutter at all.
It's a good machine that in it's day was a super machine.
Not as powerful as your today but more than sufficient to run FSX full out but with fewer add-ons than you have.
Good luck and let us know...always cut down on autogen, shadows clouds and AI...they eat a machines performance.


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