747 on XP10 and FSX

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Recently I've been flying the 747 on both XP10 and FSX to compare.

Although I'm a 'wannabe' real world pilot, I can only draw my comparisons from my flight sim experience of the aircraft on both.


The major difference I found between the two sims is the setting of the auto-pilot and comm and nav stacks.

In FSX you can open the comm/radio stack and simply hover over the numbers to change their values. This goes equally for setting the auto-pilot from the Cockpit view.

In X-Plane 10, you are getting close to a real world scenario.
You can't click on the numbers, you need to use the comm/nav panels situated down the central column to enter all comm and nav codes. Also need to use the central column computer to set your VOR heading.

As for the auto-pilot, setting is similar to FSX via the cockpit view, but as in the real aircraft you must turn the knobs to adjust.

I've found that setting the Auto pilot Altimeter in FSX, results in it auto-calculating the relevant VS to achieve the requested height.

In X-Plane 10, you can set the height, but need to inform what VS you wish to use to achieve it.

The overhead panel in X-Plane 10 is highly detailed and has a few more interactive elements to make use of.

The central column in X-Plane 10 has interactions for NAV/COMM and also interaction for enabling the SMOKING and FASTEN SEAT BELT signs.

In X-Plane 10, once airborne and the auto-pilot is engaged (or the AI option to fly is chosen) you can simply take walk through the entire aircraft, going through pilot's door into First Class, downstairs to other seating. Even opening the toilet door on the way past!

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