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alright, ive read up on most of the topics on framerates and heres my problem: i can get good framerates when aways from airports like i can maintain 25 fps when locked and 30+ when set to unlimited. when i get around airports though the fps PLUMMETS. Like when i was flying into a default EDDL the other day in my Eaglesoft Citation X i got a whopping 6 fps with PAI traffic. I just think its ridiculous cuz i just bought a new graphics card alright here are my computer specs

Dell Dimension 8200 1.8Ghz Pentium 4
512mb RDRAM
80GB Hardrive
and brand new 128 MB ATI Radeon 9600XT upgrade from 64MB GeForce2 MX440

The thing that is really ticking me off is that im not getting better framerates around traffic which is the reason i bought the new card. Heres the things ive tried to make it better with no results (maybe like 2 fps at the most)

Switched from max display settings to default settings
Changed AGP Aperture
Installed newest drivers
Cleaned up the hardrive

Ive been thinking about reformatting my hardrive and starting over from scratch (i have all FS2004 add ons on disk already) and i just want to know some answers. Is it my processor? memory? and if it is one of those or both, which one do you recommend because i have money to spend. Alright, any help/recommendation is more than welcome, thanks!

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Good card. Your CPU is low for what you are looking for and 1 gig ram is suggested for 2004.

No machine will run the sim full out but many will come close.
For the machine you have now you have to lower the traffic, scenery and autogen so you won't take major hits at graphic heavy areas such as airports.
Take it easy with the clouds and if you can live without shadows that'll help also.
Water textures are fairly useless and use up memory.
If you do a clean install you'll have a nice start, many of the junk programs that run in the background will be eliminated and the machine should run better.
Go into the start up and clean out the unnecessary programs. (msconfig)
Good luck and let us know how you do.


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Ermm... I guessing that you run Win XP and if so,I think its lack of memory
XP needs 128mbs to run,then take everything else(firewall,antivirus) and it soon mounts up
Forget what the others say,fs9 is one of the most resourse hungry "games" about(Why its not used for benchmarking Dont Know )not only on the graphics side of things,but the CPU aswell

Despite having 128mbs on the gfx card,your system is being strangled somewhere,probably the memory
Check that theres not too much going on in the background 1st

Ram is fairly cheap,and most on this forum use 1gig of memory

Have a look at whats running and come back

seanDT Guest

aight awsome thanks for the advice, im cleaning out the computer right now. as soon as my paycheck comes in (wed) ill go and buy a new processor and memory. any preferred choices in memory you guys recommend?

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I read an article a while back that the super memory that everyone pays a bundle for is only about 5% stronger than conventional memory, how true is this Dont Know got me.

I don't know where you get your equipment from but you can try and see if they beat your usual supplier.
The most important thing about memory is to buy the exact same type not to mix brands or speed.

Let us know what you get and how it works out for you, we live vicariously through our members.


seanDT Guest

dang it. those prices at crucial are cheap but they dont have my memory type 😞 my usual supplier is oh well i just had a question about processors. how do you know which type to get to match your computer? if anybody could help me that would be awsome my specs again:

Dell Dimension 8200 1.8Ghz Pentium 4 400Mhz FSB

Can I upgrade to Hyper Threading Technology?

Thanks again RadarMan and tomthetank!!

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It sounds to me as if your going to keep your motherboard and get a bigger CPU. If that is so you are limited, go to , feed in your MoBo model number and it'll bring up the information.
Another place as good as newegg is .

Hyperthreading? Depends on the MoBo if you buy a new one.
Don't forget sometimes manufacturers like Dell use special cases and all boards won't fit, that's sometimes.


SeanDT Guest

i know its been awhile since i posted but i wanted to report my upgrades and the performance i gained from them and how much i spent. Here are my specs before the upgrade:
Dell Dimension 8200
1.8 Pentium 4 processor with 256K cache 400FSB
512MB Memory
128MB ATI Radeon 9600XT Graphics Card

At a busy airport with full AI traffic from PAI, ill use Boston as an example with the GMAX scenery (i forget the authors name) i got around 10-12fps in fair weather at day. Forget about night it was down in the single digits.

Now the upgrades:
2.8 Pentium 4 processor 512K cache 400FSB $222 shipped @ Powerleap
512MB Samsung Memory $170 shipped @ Newegg

I installed the parts myself and it took about an hour open to shut case. I couldnt believe my eyes when i started up in the same situation as above. the fps was pegged on 24fps (where i set it) with settings on a little higher than default with 3d clouds. When i set the fps to unlimited i averaged around 40-45fps!!!. I couldnt believe how much better the computer ran with so few upgrades. i recommend to anyone out there whos looking to buy a new computer, look at upgrading your memory and processor and you may save yourself quite a bit of mula!!!


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👍 That's fantastic, not much $ or work and you have a new machine that performs. Congrats!

I wish everyone could have great results like you did.
Enjoy and thanks for coming back to tell us, I appreciate it.


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👏 Thanks for comming back to tell us how you got on 👍

Enjoy your "new PC"

PC parts are now very affordable and you dont have to be a brain surgeon to open up a PC and swop a few bits over

Well done and thanks again for the update 😉

Airliner Guest

Thanks for the thread and the updates! I've been wondering how to fix up my setup too and you pretty much answered my question already.

Either way, I've got an AMD Athlon 2600 with 512MB DDR400, ATI 9200 128MB AGP Video, Soundblaster 24. Also running full PAI traffic (every possible airline and aircraft they have!). Again, when at altitude, my frame rates scream. Descent into KBOS (with the same fantastic 3rd party scenery), drops into single digits, and everything stutters as new textures are loaded. Makes a stabel approach nearly unmanagable. I'm comfortable with about 20fps and I'm sure I can get that with another 512MB RAM. I've mixed all possible combinations with the sliders and the killer is always the traffic and secondly, the 3rd party scenery, although it's 90% the traffic that drags it down. Killing the AI traffic is not acceptible as that's what makes it all the more fun. (Another proof - I've dragged all sliders back and left AI traffic to 100% and STILL get low frame rates.

Looks like time for more Ram! Again, thanks!


Dudes! The TYPE of memory is as important as the amount. The newer DDR400, for example, RAM will outdo older RAM and that is probably one reason the 512 is now doing a better job. However, with RAM being so cheap it makes sense to go the whole 1GIG, if you ask me.. Then of course the processor. One problem- you need to do it all at once, since an old motherboard will not support the newer memory, so you want to buy the right processor type for the motherboard socket. That way, you are REALLY upgrading. Motherboards are cheap. Question- anyone using an ATI x1300?

hinsel Guest

Hey, i'm using a X1300 on a A8N-E MOBO, Athlon60 X2 4400+ and 2gigs of DRAM400 and it's not as good as I'd like it to be. Maybe it's some kinda hardware (PCI-E X16) conflict...I'm trying to solve it ASAP.

contact me at msn, then we can talk'bout our configs:


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