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Well, its been 3 or 4 years since I have done much with FS but now I am geting back into it! I am just waiting for my new copy of fs2004 to arrive then we'll see how it works on my computer. I use to be pretty familiar with it. We'll see how much I remember! Looking forward to sharing with you all again!

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Welcome back to the fold.
You might be a little shy of ram for a 64bit system.

Download and print out this, it'll help jog your memory.


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I've been using this program for over a year now! Never had a prleobm untill now. Thanks for that! Still happy.My prleobm now is with the HTC ONE S, i just updated before going on vacation and see now that the menu button is also top right. When i press the menu button (three dots) the menu opens out of screen. I can read the 1st 4 or 5 letters. Hope it gets fixed next update. (v2.0.6-build-506)

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Hi Peter Dennis,I am also a PPL holder and I am just as<a href=""> eicxted</a> about this as you are. However, I'd caution the reliance on digital navigation and planning until you are relatively comfortable with your Navs even after you receive your PPL. iPads can fail. I have had my PPL for 2 years now and I still find it good practice to plan and fly on paper. I'll probably have my assistant hold the iPad in order to critique the accuracy of my manual flying.

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